LL Morandi & Morandi


With a top mark MS degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Bologna and twenty years of experience as a private tutor, I offer tuition in Maths to students from primary school to GCSEs to A-levels.

My pedagogy is the distillation of a profound experience put together by studying in several renowned institutions around Europe and working with colleagues and students from all over the world. My scientific research was publicly presented and published. The vision I have today is the result of integrating knowledge from an eclectic variety of studies spanning from acting to multiple movement practices, to martial arts, to extensive travelling.

As a professional communicator (BA Hons Acting from the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire), I can choose the best way to constructively interact with people, thanks to the unique set of sophisticated skills at my disposal. Thence I can make sure the students receive the subject, understand it, assimilate it and have the capacity to proactively re-use the information whenever it is required of them. I will also teach them how to express themselves appropriately through the use of specific jargon, and I will prompt them to explore and embrace, not only written, but also verbal communication, in order to make themselves understood in front of people with clarity, ease and confidence.

My prime goal is the students’ benefit. I believe that great things can be achieved where there is desire, determination, cooperation and the right tactics. I take my responsibilities seriously and I aspire to create a healthy and effective working environment where the student feels comfortable to express their doubts and can develop a positive attitude towards learning. Every student is different, therefore my approach will be uniquely tailored to each student. I will commit to plan every session beforehand, come prepared to teach on time and I will challenge the student to engage with a similar attitude and commit to doing their reading and homework as best they can.

Classes can be taught in English, Italian or Portuguese. At the moment all classes are online but I hope to resume presential tutoring soon.

My vision and the new proposal

Expertly advised and encouraged by masterful teachers, and propelled forward by my curiosity and thirst for experience, I have undertaken studies and work spanning over multiple disciplines. This diversity encompassing the scientific, the artistic and the kinaesthetic worlds, has enriched and strengthened my sensitivity, comprehension and problem solving abilities, and helped me develop a more holistic approach to teaching Maths.

Over time the importance of nurturing, at the same time, the body and the mind, and the unquestionable benefits this brings to the learning process as well as the general wellbeing of the students, has become strikingly evident to me. In fact, it is quite shocking how we got to an educative system which completely separates the mind from the body, instead of promoting integration between them. Long time ago the Romans already stated the importance of their connection in: “Mens sana in corpore sano”, that is a healthy mind goes along with a healthy body. Nevertheless, we spend hours and hours on end sitting on chairs, in unhealthy resting positions which hinder the flow of energy through our body, impede a full respiration process, induce tension and eventually numb the mind.

My experience in body practices such as Gyrokinesis® inspired me to propose an alternative approach which uses movement and breath work in order to activate and improve energy flow, mental activity and stamina, focus, acumen and problem solving capacity.

I have designed a different class format which includes an initial physical warm up before tackling the theoretical part. The benefits of the warm up are the following:

  • awakening the body to the here and now and developing presence;
  • dissolving body tension and improving suppleness, tonicity and coordination;
  • enhancing breathing activity, hence rising the energy through the brain and the whole body;
  • refocusing and sharpening the mind, stimulating its availability to receive information, its acumen and creative-thinking;
  • releasing endorphins which are directly connected to the sensation of pleasure and well-being;
  • stimulating the desire to learn;
  • rising self-confidence and prepping the student to manage stressful situations like speaking in front of peers, taking a test,…;
  • the classes would simply be more fun, a paramount factor which is inexplicably so often overlooked.

Upon turning a certified instructor of Gyrokinesis®, I have put together short movement sequences involving spinal motions, coordination, breath work and body part integration. A warm-up can include elements of auto massage (no body contact with the teacher required) where the student learns how to stimulate their own body, especially the extremities like hands and feet, in order to open up energy channels and increase body awareness. Some simple ingredients of voice work like breathing, resonance, releasing tension, bouncing and tremoring are also explored. Other sessions are more meditative and can even make use of musical and rhythmical elements.

The warm-up phase will give the student different tools that they could then re-use for other subjects and even adapt to different life situations. Furthermore, the pupil could proactively suggest and integrate new elements to this preparation according to their own experience and taste. Of course the warm-up will be tailored to each individual, their general health and their physical condition on the day. A simple sequence of breath work can already be highly beneficial.

I will shape each sessions by integrating my profound knowledge in different fields and run 25 minutes of pleasant body-energising and mind-stimulating activity to then tackle the more theoretical subject. This new class format is available for those who resonate with the above vision and want to experience conscious change.

I suggest a total duration of 1.5 hours for 50 Pounds.