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The Gyrokinesis® Method


The Gyrokinesis® Method is a holistic movement practice which addresses the entire body and integrates the different parts through rhythmic, flowing movement sequences and breathing patterns. It improves functional strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and mental focus.


Because of its expansion quality, the method focuses on creating space between the joints and therefore it increases the body’s range of motion. It opens energy pathways, it stimulates the nervous system and blood circulation. Through spiralling and circular movements, it mobilises the spine and improves the function of the organs attached to it.


Gyrokinesis® induces a refreshing overall sensation of wellbeing, both in the body and in the mind. It encourages us to rediscover and embrace the joy of moving in our own bodies and to fulfil our full potential as human beings.


Gyrokinesis® can be practiced on a chair, on a mat or standing and doesn’t require any special equipment. The method is therefore extremely flexible and adaptable to a wide variety of spaces, both indoors and outdoors. Without the feedback and guidance of equipment, participants in a Gyrokinesis® class have to rely more on, and therefore improve, their own kinaesthetic sense while exploring movement sequences.


Classes can be individual or collective with a small group of students. They can be designed to fit anyone’s ability, from accomplished athletes to fitness enthusiasts, elderly citizens, and people rehabilitating from an injury or dealing with a disability. Due to the current circumstances all sessions will take place online.