LL Morandi & Morandi


Marco Nanetti is a pedagogue, a creative and an award winning actor based in London. His career is focusing on creating a unique pedagogy which integrates movement and education. He aims at guiding people to enjoy healthier and fuller lives.

As a private tutor, Marco has been teaching Maths, Physics and Italian for almost 20 years, to students from primary school, high school and university. He always prompts pupils to develop a critical approach towards the subject and to make use of creativity in finding solutions to their challenges. 

Marco holds an MS degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Bologna (2007), the city where he was born. He has lived in several places around the world and fluently speaks English, Italian and Portuguese. He is a tour director for WorldStrides, one of the leading American companies in educational student travel.

While living in Iceland, he also worked as an elderly assistant in a nursing home; then, for 9 months, he was a teaching assistant in a kindergarten which had an innovative program of integration between kids with and without impairment. 

Alongside his classical training at the Birmingham Royal Conservatoire, Marco has a solid preparation in classical Commedia dell’Arte, bouffoning, clowning and devising techniques. He studied the Roy Hart vocal approach and the PEM emotional method. He completed the Lecoq Pedagogic Journey on movement theatre at Helikos International School, which incredibly deepened and refined his understanding of space and movement. Marco also trained in Forum Theatre. He practises capoeira regularly and is a certified Gyrokinesis® trainer.

Marco is the founder of LL Morandi & Morandi.