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  1. Marco tutored our son in year 11 for his GCSE’s, during the Summer term of 2018 (6 weeks). His main subjects were Maths (higher level) and Physics (higher level).
    We found Marco extremely easy to work with; he was flexible in his approach and teachings and quickly assessed Oscar’s base line levels as to move forward with a plan. Oscar was at a level 5 in both subjects and needed to achieve a level 7 in both subjects as he wanted to move onto A levels.
    Marco managed to quickly strike a mutual respect and contact with our son and this meant his enthusiasm for learning increased as he had been negative to tutoring prior. Oscar enjoyed the tutoring lessons immensely and through Marco’s teaching, Oscar was inspired to continue to revise and work on his own.
    Marco’s lessons were well structured and responsive to Oscar’s needs and levels. He also focused on getting Oscar to be exam ready and in answering questions in a timely manner with effective answers. Through his enthusiasm for the subject he managed to get Oscar more involved and encouraging him to find further knowledge. Marco’s inquisitive approach to the subjects and step by step teachings resonated well with Oscar and improved his scientific thinking and problems solving.
    Oscar had great success in his GCSE’s and gaining a level 7 in both Maths and Physics (grade A in previous grades). Marco’s approach to learning and problem solving has stayed with Oscar as it translated to his revision in other subjects such as Chemistry and Biology where he gained a level 8 (A*) and 7 (A) respectively.
    Marco was always professional and with good time keeping.
    We would without hesitation recommend Marco for any future positions within teaching and tutoring.
    We give permission to be contacted for references. Kind regards

    Micci and Eddie T Lamptey
  2. Marco worked with me leading up to my GCSE maths exams, he helped me develop a range of new skills and techniques to solve mathematical problems. He also helped me move up my predicted grades and within a period of 4 months I was more confident with my work. I could not be more grateful.

  3. Marco tutored my daughter Joyce with her GCSE Maths. He is a good teacher who comes down to the level of your child so they can understand and fully grasp the topics taught in class. His tutoring was invaluable and would definitely recommend him if your child needs to improve in maths and enjoy maths more.

    Ludmila Mburu

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