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  1. Marco is a patient and passionate Italian teacher. If there was a scoring system he’d get 11/10. I am and will continue to recommend him to anyone who wants to learn Italian.

    Roberto Sidoli
  2. Marco is a great teacher and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in learning italian!
    He puts a lot of effort in preparing the class; he is patient, eager to help and his explanations are always clear and concise. He also puts emphasis on correct pronunciation.
    He was flexible in teaching me what I needed the most in order to fill in any gaps in my understanding and become more confident speaking italian. Instead of just reading from a text book or doing exercises, Marco would start interesting conversations on various topics and encourage me to keep talking! This kept me motivated and enabled faster learning.
    As a result, learning italian became a truly fun experience!
    Highly recommended!

    Michaela Fakiola
  3. Marco taught my 6 year old daughter Italian via Zoom over half term (5 x 30 min lessons). He adapted the pace of lesson to my daughter’s ability and it was clear that he had planned the lessons in advance (there was structure and purpose to the class). Italian was taught via a range of different activities – drawing, role-play, conversation. For example, one day, he was pretending to have breakfast during the class, he had props, and there was then a discussion on food, etc. My daughter is a beginner learner and through Marco’s patience is beginning to improve at listening out for Italian and grasping basic Italian grammar and words.

    Marco was also very flexible with timing of the classes. He was polite and responsive whenever I have any questions.

    I would recommend Marco as an Italian teacher and I have already booked in more lessons with him over the summer holidays.

    Marianna Au-Yeung

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