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Please leave your feedback on your experience with Italian classes.

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  1. Marco is a patient and passionate Italian teacher. If there was a scoring system he’d get 11/10. I am and will continue to recommend him to anyone who wants to learn Italian.

    Roberto Sidoli
  2. Marco is a great teacher and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in learning italian!
    He puts a lot of effort in preparing the class; he is patient, eager to help and his explanations are always clear and concise. He also puts emphasis on correct pronunciation.
    He was flexible in teaching me what I needed the most in order to fill in any gaps in my understanding and become more confident speaking italian. Instead of just reading from a text book or doing exercises, Marco would start interesting conversations on various topics and encourage me to keep talking! This kept me motivated and enabled faster learning.
    As a result, learning italian became a truly fun experience!
    Highly recommended!

    Michaela Fakiola

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