My journey in Gyrokinesis®

My journey in Gyrokinesis®

My journey started in 2017 while studying Japanese Noh Theatre in the UK. Katja Vaghi, a Gyrokinesis® teacher and colleague of mine, upon watching me moving, suggested I would benefit from the method. She then showed me some exercises for me to practise regularly in order to improve my range and quality of movement. At the time I used to have some chronic tensions in my upper back and I was nurturing the desire to explore torsions and spirals as I found them very challenging. The few times I had deliberately ventured into spiralling movements I would encounter resistance, blockages and frustration. That little set of exercises sounded very intriguing to me and resonated straight away as something which could help me and lead me into exploring a completely new territory. Upon Katja’s suggestion I started taking classes with London based Gyrokinesis® Master Trainer Jane Von Bieberstein.

Following Jane’s guidance, I began to understand more and more how the body works and how I could re-educate it to move in an intelligent and integrated way. Above all I realised how the tensions and restrictions I had got used to and gradually accepted as a normal condition, were in fact abnormality and totally reversible. I too had the possibility to live in a healthy body and be able to move efficiently, fully and freely. How much pleasure comes with it! and how enormous are the benefits on our mood, our mental health and our ability to open ourselves to the beauty of world. 

When I moved to Portugal for a extensive acting job in 2018, I wanted to continue my training and I came across Espaço Equilibrium in Lisbon. There, I took weekly classes in both Gyrokinesis® with Master Trainer Bernardo Ricou Gama and Gyrotonic® with Olivia Secchin. It was a great way to keep working on my body’s dynamic strength and flexibility, qualities which are fundamental for everyone, but especially for an actor. 

During the first term of the pandemic in 2020, I seized the opportunity to do classes online with Bernardo. I did up to three sessions a week for 5-6 months which gave me the time to delve even deeper into the method and quickly see the benefits of it. Gyrokinesis® gave me purpose, it kept me sane in the mind, healthy and strong in the body, and made me feel connected and grounded. It boosted my energy and my creativity. It was then that I started to contemplate the idea to become an instructor in order to master the method for myself and to pass it onto others. Among other things, I wanted to use it to help my mother move more healthily and contain the effects of ageing, and to offer actors a powerful insight on movement during my drama workshops and theatre rehearsals. Finally in the fall of 2020 I completed my Level 1 Foundation course at the Espaço Equilibrium in Lisbon, and thus my teaching adventure began. I am forever grateful to Bernardo Ricou Gama, a superb teacher and practitioner, for his generosity in sharing his expertise with me and for masterfully pointing me towards a direction full of potential.

My intention is to keep exploring and expanding within the Gyrokinesis® method in the years to come. I sincerely hope I can pay forward all the knowledge and guidance I have received by motivating, inspiring and helping my students feel at home in their own bodies and (re)gain confidence in their ability to move freely. Movement is pleasure.